UPDATE: Housing and building material shortages

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Australia’s total sawn softwood gap is something close to 700,000 m3, based on some recent analysis undertaken by IndustryEdge. The analysis compares Australia’s total consumption of sawn softwood – mainly used in housing – with approvals of houses and townhouses, over a long period.

Supported by FTMA Australia, IndustryEdge has been ‘on the stump’ with the nation’s builders, explaining the gap between super-heated demand and supply of timber and other materials.

In online presentations, Managing Director of IndustryEdge, Tim Woods tells builders:

“The entire supply chain is stretched to breaking point. That is what happens when housing demand is super-stimulated. You may be finding it hard to get timber right now, but it is important to know that local wood supply has never been higher. That is, the sawmills and the frame and truss manufacturers have never produced more wood or building products.

“Like you, they are stretched to their limits, and to be frank about it, that is going to continue for some time. We know you have experienced some price increases, but that is nothing compared with the US market where framing timber prices spiked over 400% in a year at one point.

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IndustryEdge is grateful for the support of the Frame & Truss Manufacturers’ Association of Australia (FTMA) in preparing this information and getting it to the widest possible audiences.

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