Tools for tracking woodchip exports, shipping and imports

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Through IndustryEdge’s innovative online platform, Wood Market Edge, woodchip exporters, pulp producers, traders, port authorities and others are tracking the increasingly complex global woodchip trade. Using a mix of trade data, automated vessel tracking, port ‘watching’ and ongoing field research, Wood Market Edge online allows subscribers to understand what is happening in the global trade today and to predict what will occur in coming months.

The group of datasets available on the Wood Market Edge online platform delivers intelligence that is literally months ahead of the formal release of trade data, because in almost real-time, it links vessel movements at the ‘port-to-port’ level. These screen shots do not do full justice to the strength of the platform, but they provide some clues!

Subscribers can toggle easily from the visualisation, to interrogate the specific data. Both the charts/graphics and the data can be downloaded.

Recently, when Australian hardwood chip exporters were successful in having their formal trade data for shipments to Japan ‘redacted’ by the formal government trade reporting system, unlike everyone else, our clients did not miss a beat.

While everyone else was left wondering where the shipments had gone from and to and at what price, Wood Market Edge online subscribers logged in, checked vessel movements and analysed the port-to-port movements to understand the latest and stay up to date. All of the visualisations are dynamic – so when using them online subscribers move their mouse to highlight their areas of interest, bringing up information boxes containing the underlying data.


Of course, the recent situation with trade going ‘dark’ meant some subscribers needed support to revise some of their analysis and think through using these intuitive tools in new ways. We delivered that support to them, with online demonstrations and direct support a key feature of the service.

Local markets are tough enough right now, but global markets are even tougher, far more febrile and prone to change than at almost any time in modern history. Now is the time to ensure you and your team have the data and analytical power that delivers real business insights.

Wood Market Edge online includes trade analysis for woodchips, logs, sawn wood and panels, this unique analytical tool for woodchip trade, Australian production, sales and trade analysis for sawn wood products and a wide and growing number of downloadable raw data files and easy to use desktop analysis tools.

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IndustryEdge’s Wood Market Edge online is delivered on SilvaStat360, the world’s leading data visualisation and analysis platform for the global forestry and wood products industry. SilvaStat360 is the product of our partner, Forest2Market.

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