Paper, packaging and fibre under the microscope: IndustryEdge’s annual strategic review turns 30!

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In a year like no other, the incredible surges in demand for tissue and hygiene products, for home deliveries and corrugated boxes, was matched by unparalleled shifts in demand for printed media. Simultaneously, pulp prices hit record highs, recovered paper import bans by China and spiking sea freight costs had a deep impact on global commodity and finished product markets. Enormous fiscal stimulus washed into the Australian and New Zealand economies, changing what was consumed, by whom and in what quantities.

Patterns of consumption are altered forever, markets will never be the same and businesses the world over are struggling to survive, let alone thrive.

The annual Pulp & Paper Strategic Review from IndustryEdge charts the course, bumps and all, providing detailed analysis, granular data and rich insights into the trends and future impacting the entire paper, paperboard, paper products, pulp and fibre supplies industries.

This 30th consecutive annual edition of the Review provides the most comprehensive and accurate analysis of the paper, paperboard and fibre supply sectors in Australasia. Detailing all manufacturing, imports, exports and distribution, as well as end-use markets within Australia and New Zealand, the Review analyses the decade up to and including 2020-21.
It describes the industry context from a macro, trend and demand drivers perspective, painting a picture, as well as the pathways to the future.

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Demand forecasts chart the future

Scenario-based consumption forecasts to 2026 are included for all major grades of paper and paperboard for Australia and New Zealand. Demand drivers are examined in detail, with particular reference to:

  • Impact of the global pandemic
  • Advertising and media expenditure
  • Economic growth, productivity and industry dynamics
  • Population, migration, demographics and markets
  • Consumption of paper, fibre-based packaging, toilet paper, tissue and other paper products

Production and trade in full detail

Global, Australian and New Zealand production, import, export and consumption data in the Strategic Review is the most complete and accurate ever assembled. Data is presented in hundreds of graphs and tables.

Imports and exports are documented on a volume, country of origin or destination and price basis, showing the quantity and price trend for individual grades over a ten-year time frame.

Comprehensive information on the region’s production base is provided and all manufacturing facilities are described in consistent and industry leading detail.

The 2021 Strategic Review is targeted to be available to subscribers in the first week of October.

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