Brisbane’s Paper & Board Imports Up 16.8%

Valued at $412.2 million, imports of paper, paperboard and related fibre products were up 16.8% over the year-ended April 2019. As the infographic shows, shipments from Asia are dominant and lifted 15.9% to $279.0 million. Our view is that the most interesting element of this data – beyond the rise… Read More

FREE MARKET REVIEW: Australian Recovered Paper

Global recovered paper markets are in turmoil. Countries like Australia and New Zealand are caught up in the toughest market conditions ever experienced for recovered paper. A new and free Market Review from the team at IndustryEdge provides a snapshot to help you understand the current situation. Click here to… Read More

Are freight costs a feature of the trade war?

China accounted for 18% of the value of Australia’s paper and paperboard imports over the year-ended April 2019 USA contributed 5% of the import value The value of China’s shipments grew, while those from the USA contracted Freight costs are a key difference between the countries Australia’s paper and paperboard… Read More

A4 imports – the ONLY place colour matters

Huge spike in A4 Tinted imports is clear misclassification Average import price plunged to the price of the cheaper A4 White grade One chart tells the total story Australia’s imports of A4 White Cut Reams (copy paper) have reduced dramatically over the last two years. In fact, over the year-ended… Read More

‘Lost’ cartonboard imports found

Coated Cartonboard imports have been below expectations since the Petrie Mill closed MWC market may be up to 40,000 tonnes smaller than previously understood Imports from China, Korea and USA may be misclassified Australia’s long lost Coated Cartonboard imports have been ‘found’ and may soon make their way back home. Read More

Little logs get big prices

Smaller sized softwood log exports from Australia hit record average prices in March 2019. Averaging AUDFob162.45/m3, prices for softwood logs less than 15 cm diameter hit a new peak, sustaining their recent price advantage over the larger dimension logs. For export, softwood logs are recorded as larger or smaller than 15cm… Read More

Comics provide more than relief

Illustrated comic imports valued at AUD8.3M year-ended March 2019 Imports from USA dominate with >91% market share Australia had its own comic book super-heroes – kind of! Plenty of parents despair of their children’s focus on comics over ‘real’ books. Until that is they find that their reluctant readers are… Read More

Read All About It! Recycle that newsprint any way you can

153,000 tonnes of Old Newsprint was recovered in 2018 Recovery rate declined 1.3% compared to 2017 Major end-uses include paperboard, recycled newsprint and products like kitty litter and moulded fibre Australia’s ability to collect recyclables remains world class, as the latest newsprint recovery analysis demonstrates. In calendar year 2018, more… Read More

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