Sawn Softwood Freight Import Costs Down 33.5% in 2023

Convert to PDFGEELONG, AUSTRALIA Freight costs associated with Australia’s imports of sawn softwood have continued to decline over the course of 2023, according to latest analysis from IndustryEdge. The Australian Sawn Softwood Freight Cost Index (Softwood FCI) reported at 210.0 points in July 2023, down 2.5% on the prior month… Read More

Australian Printing Paper Imports fell 14.4% & NZ fell 15.7% in 2022-23

Convert to PDFGEELONG, AUSTRALIA IndustryEdge’s pulp, paper and paper products market analysis has reported that in 2022-23, imports of printing and communication papers (excluding Newsprint) fell by a very large 14.4% in Australia and an even larger 15.7% in New Zealand, compared to the prior year. As the extract below,… Read More

Australian Packaging Paper Price Index: Up 8.4% year-ended June

Convert to PDFNote: This index shows the weighted average price movements for selected grades of packaging and industrial paper, and for the total of all packaging grades, imported to Australia   The table below shows the most recent movements in the IndustryEdge Australian Packaging Paper Trade Price Indexes, based in… Read More

Australian Printing Paper Price Index: variable movement in June

Convert to PDFNote: This index displays the average price movements for selected grades of printing papers, imported to Australia   Latest detailed paper trade price indexes showed a variety of movement in June, with three month moving average prices moving in differing directions across the various grades. In particular, the… Read More

Regional Copy Paper Imports: Australian A4 copy paper imports still masked

Convert to PDFNote: This analysis shows copy paper import volumes and prices for Australia and New Zealand   Australia’s imports of A4 White copy paper continue to be masked by ‘confidentiality restrictions’, a measure put in place from January 2023, with every detail redacted – not even the total volume… Read More

Woodchip Trade Briefing Report – August 2023

Convert to PDFSUMMARY Australian woodchip exports totalled 304 kbdmt in June 2023, up 19% on the prior month, but still around two-thirds of the monthly average for the last year Annual exports slipped back to 5.415 million bdmt year-ended June, down 2.8% on a year earlier Month-on-month, hardwood chip exports… Read More

Regional Printing Paper Price Index: Prices up 1.5% in June

Convert to PDFNote: This index shows the weighted average price movements of imported printing papers (Uncoated Mechanical, Coated Mechanical, Uncoated Woodfree and Coated Woodfree) for Australia and New Zealand   The Australian and New Zealand three-month moving average trade price of printing and communication papers* was up in June 2023,… Read More

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