Sustainable paper industry continues performance: latest report

Australia’s pulp and paper industry continued its sustainability performance over the last year, a new report demonstrates. The 2018 National Pulp & Paper Industry Sustainability Report provides summary analysis of major sustainability measures, and is consistent with similar reports from other countries. From reductions in energy use sufficient to power… Read More

Woodchip export prices surged in September

Australia’s woodchip exports were valued at AUD1.377 billion on a free-on-board basis over the year-ended September 2018. Almost 91% of the value was delivered by the massive hardwood chip export trade. In September, hardwood chip exports averaged AUDFob207.70/bdmt (bone dried metric tonnes). In US dollar terms, hardwood chips averaged USDFob150.00/bdmt,… Read More

Global industry continues transformation – next steps in Australia

To support the continued efforts to transform the Australian economy to a more sustainable footprint, a new Industry Transformation Research Hub has been established at the Bio-resource Processing Research Institute of Australia (BioPRIA) at Monash University. The hub – Processing Advanced Lignocellulosics into Advanced Materials (PALS) – will receive AUD6.8 million of… Read More

Communication paper demand falls 4.8%

Australian demand for Printing & Communication papers fell 4.8% in 2017-18. This grade of paper includes everything from copy paper, to magazines, brochures, leaflets and catalogues delivered into letterboxes. Trend forecasts suggest – based on three different scenarios – that demand will decline between 3.8% and 4.9% per annum through… Read More

Australians consumed 2.1 kg less paper in 2017-18

Australia’s per capita consumption of paper and paperboard fell 1.6% over 2017-18, with average consumption declining to a total of 129.3 kg, according to the latest analysis by IndustryEdge. The decline in Australia’s total per capita consumption was softened by rising domestic consumption of Packaging & Industrial (P&I) paper and… Read More

Unpacking the box market

Increased demand for boxes of all kinds is causing prices to rise. In this special feature for PKN Magazine, we explain the market conditions and drivers that are delivering strong price growth. Click here to download the feature. Read More

Big jump in MDF imports raises strategic questions

Imports of MDF leaped 41% over the year-ended February, totalling more than 131,000m3. The rise in imports of MDF, along with higher imports of all other panel products raises important strategic questions for the domestic industry, according to trade and market consultants IndustryEdge. Source: IndustryEdge for Timberbiz Analysis of the… Read More

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