China to the rescue! Has real growth returned? ~ Economics Briefing

Convert to PDFAlways a little suspect, China’s economic growth was reported at 6.4%, year-on-year in the March quarter of 2019. Growth was above expectations and was driven by a solid increase in industrial output, as well as domestic consumption, feeding into renewed hope that the driver of global economic growth… Read More

Stink Bug Pain Spreads to 32 Countries for 2019-20: Update

Convert to PDF Stink Bug infestation has spread rapidly 32 countries now on Australia’s target list for 2019-20 season 280,000+ tonnes of pulp, paper, paperboard and printed material impacted Treatment costs between AUD12/t and AUD48/t Rapid expansion of the infestation of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) in Europe and… Read More

Stink Bug Pain Spreads to 32 Countries for 2019-20

Convert to PDFRapid expansion of the infestation of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) in Europe and North America has plagued global trade over the 2018-19 risk season, as many importers of wood and paper products have experienced. In response, Australian authorities have announced the 2019-20 BMSB risk season will… Read More

Paper prices to hold or rise in 2019

Convert to PDF  Sheeted paper prices set to hold Chemical pulp prices still at near record levels Fibre prices continue to rise Shipping costs will increase as Stink bug costs mount   Prices of the main printing and communication paper grades are set to remain at current levels or rise… Read More

Printed imports close to $1 billion in 2018

Convert to PDF Printed material imports were valued at AUD968.6 million in 2018 Local printers missing work as ‘Other printed matter’ continues to assert itself Printed book import value slips 1.7% to AUD470 million At almost one billion dollars in 2018, Australia’s imports of printed material have proved to be… Read More

Hardwood chip export price tops AUD230 per tonne

Convert to PDFMonthly Woodchip Export Market Briefing: Australia’s average hardwood chip export price to China hit an all-time peak of AUDFob230.64 per bone dried metric tonne (bdmt) in January 2019. That price is a substantial 24.8% higher than in January 2018, underscoring the additional value being placed on fibre of… Read More

Recycled paper price nonsense: Analyst Insight

Convert to PDFIncorrect export declarations falsely dragging average prices down In the course of our regular close examination of international trade data, it has become apparent that there are serious anomalies in official customs export declarations for recycled paper and paperboard.  These misreported declarations are having the effect of falsely… Read More

Trade war worries loom over supplies to China

Convert to PDFRecent news that Australian coal shipments to the northern Chinese port of Dalien have been halted, brought home concerns that the escalating trade war could finally impact Australia. Though it is by no means certain the immediate curtailment of Australian shipments is directly linked to trade disputation, some… Read More

Australia’s hardwood log exports rose 35% in 2018

Convert to PDFAustralia’s log exports lifted 34.6% in 2018, totalling 793,130 m3. After supply-chain challenges, the month of December saw exports lift to almost 86,000 m3, very close to the monthly average of the last year. Exports of hardwood logs are strategically different from softwood logs. They are not about… Read More

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