FLASH: Australian softwood log exports exploded in June

Australia’s softwood log exports exploded to a new monthly record in June, with total exports reaching a massive 590,689 m3, up more than 83% on the prior month. To underscore the magnitude of the monthly record, this is more than 27% or 110,000 m3 higher than for any prior month. Read More

BREAKING: NZ log exports crossed the 2.0 million m3 threshold in June

New Zealand’s softwood log exports in June totalled 2.022 million m3, crossing the 2.0 million m3 threshold for only the third month on record. Although well short of the record 2.141 million m3 recorded in March 2019, the big lift in exports reverses a downwards trend, especially for shipments to… Read More

BANNED! Recovered paper disruption and chaos before year’s end

After two years of agony for the recovered paper supply chain, the heat will be turned up to maximum by year’s end, when China institutes a total ban on importing recyclables. Already, major shipping lines are refusing to take recovered paper destined for China. Exporters have continued their exodus from… Read More

Latest trade volumes and prices – updated to May 2020

Get an instant snapshot of the latest paper, paperboard, pulp and fibre supplies import and export volumes and prices for Australia and New Zealand.  Click here to download the spreadsheet.   To download the complete Australian and New Zealand import and export data files, click here… Read More

State of the Market Webinars

  IndustryEdge is delighted to be partnering with Appita, to deliver a series of six market-focussed webinars on the ‘State of the Market’.  Click here to learn more.  … Read More

Coated Woodfree grade slump continues | Prices continue to climb

Imports of Coated Woodfree (CWF) paper grades continue to decline, with nothing observably different arising from the pandemic. Over the year-ended May 2020, imports declined a very large 11.6%, a fall of just short of 15,000 tonnes a year earlier, falling to the lowest level ever recorded. Just a decade… Read More

Woodchips: Annual exports down 26.6%

Australia’s combined annual exports of hardwood and softwood woodchips for the twelve-months-ended May 2020 were recorded at 5.422 million bone dried metric tonnes (bdmt). Monthly export volumes began dropping around the middle of 2019 and have not been above the 500,000 bdmt mark since October 2019. Hardwood chips make up… Read More

Welcome to the new format Pulp & Paper Edge!

When we asked subscribers what they really valued in Pulp & Paper Edge, we should have expected an unexpected answer. So, when the major take outs were that going web-based was a preferred format, that more but shorter items would be best, that analysis is more important than charts and… Read More

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