March 2021 pulp and paper analysis now available!

Convert to PDFGEELONG, AUSTRALIA The March 2021 edition (Number 189) of Pulp & Paper Edge, IndustryEdge’s monthly analysis of the Australian and New Zealand pulp, paper and paper products industry was published today. A focus on food and fibre opportunities has been sharpened by the news of the Whakatane Board… Read More

Shipping & Freight: costs remain high, containers move slowly, Suez blocked

Convert to PDFContainerised freight shipping costs moderated marginally in February and through to mid-March, but have not corrected to any meaningful extent. As previous discussed, the global freight system is in pandemic-related turmoil, with mismatches of containers between ports of dispatch and delivery at all-time highs. reports that in… Read More

Coated woodfree imports lift but remain on struggle street

Convert to PDFAustralia’s fully imported coated woodfree (CWF) paper trade was dealt a stunning blow through the pandemic that hastened already steep rates of month-on-month and year-on-year declines. After a long run of declines, January saw a fifth successive month of increases, with total imports of the main grades coming… Read More

Copy paper imports – prices fall to near three year lows

Convert to PDFImports of A4 White Copy Paper to Australia fell to just over 2,000 tonnes in January 2021, as the average price continued to decline, falling to a thirty-three month low of AUDFob1,091/t. Imports to New Zealand softened in January to total 3,192 tonnes at an average price of… Read More

Economics Briefing: How a housing price bubble could undo the recovery

Convert to PDFFuelled by economic stimulus, sustained low interest rates and households that have not been able to buy a holiday, Australia’s housing supply chain is booming and under stress. From sawnwood for frames, chips for particleboard flooring, hardwood for appearance features and fibre for plasterboard, the fibre, pulp, paper… Read More

Newsprint imports under cloud as New Zealand trade winds down

Convert to PDFAustralia’s imports of newsprint are never particularly large, but the volumes have crashed in recent months, mainly due to the end of trade from New Zealand. After a year of much higher average monthly imports, imports in January 2021 were just one third of those recorded in January… Read More

Paper & paperboard import value declines continue

Convert to PDFAustralia’s imports of paper, paperboard and paper products were valued at AUDFob213.6 million in January 2021, down 2.0% compared with the prior month. Most telling, the value of imports in January was a steep 20.4% lower than in January 2020. The value of New Zealand’s imports was NZDFob83.4… Read More

NZ newsprint imports: Nothing going on… yet

Convert to PDFNew Zealand’s imports of newsprint have long been highly limited, due mainly to the self-sufficiency delivered by Norske Skog’s Tasman Mill. That will change in coming months as the Tasman mill transitions to be a supplier of ‘pulp-on-reel’ products and perhaps take up other opportunities. IndustryEdge was asked… Read More

Converted Products Update – year ended Jan 2021

Convert to PDFMoulded Fibre Products Imports Australia’s Moulded Fibre product imports continued to increase in value across the year ended January 2021. Up 9.0%, total imports were valued at AUDM42.2, compared to the AUDM38.8 imported in the prior year. Used for a variety of purposes, including disposable medical pans, imports… Read More

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