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As global fibre shortages and supply disruptions continue throughout the wood products supply chain, timely and accurate data has never been more important. No matter where you sit along the supply chain, regardless of your business’ role in providing, processing or acquiring and using timber and wood products, the most disrupted and explosive market in history requires and up to date understanding. Everyone needs answers to pressing questions right now:

  • Are Australian structural timber producers doing all they can to supply the booming market? (Yes, the data shows they are supplying at around capacity)
  • Have imports risen in recent months, despite the runaway demand elsewhere in the world? (Again, yes)
  • Is Australia exporting large quantities of logs that could be sawn in Australia? (No, the latest data demonstrates exports are mainly smaller dimension logs)
  • Are the New Zealand log exporters filling the gap in the Chinese market left by the Australians? (Undoubtedly, along with others)

These are just some of the questions that Wood Market Edge online delivers answers to, at your fingertips, 24/7/365.

Subscribers may click here, to log in to Wood Market Edge online.

IndustryEdge has just released the latest monthly wood market data for Australia and New Zealand on its visualisation platform, Wood Market Edge online. Subscribers are already ahead of the pack, interrogating the most comprehensive data available, as they navigate today’s very turbulent market conditions.

Data available to visualise, interrogate and download from Wood Market Edge online includes:

  • Log trade, including all of Australia’s and New Zealand’s Chinese imports
  • Woodchip trade, including major buying nation imports and our unique weekly vessel tracking system
  • Australian sawnwood production, sales and imports, with details down to the product level and port-to-port for all trade
  • New Zealand sawnwood trade
  • Particleboard, MDF and Plywood trade data for both countries
  • Pulp data
  • Housing data
  • Shipping and freight data
  • Economics data

In addition, the IndustryEdge team’s analysis and commentary is included right alongside the data, each month and IndustryEdge is available to discuss the market with clients on an ongoing basis, as we form and shape our views of developments and how they will impact our Australian clients.

Subscribers may click here, to log in to Wood Market Edge online, interrogate the multiple dashboards, review their saved filters and download charts and complete data files.


Wood Market Edge online is housed on SilvaStat360, the world’s leading forest products visualisation platform, operated by Forest2Market in the US.

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