LATEST: Monthly analysis of the Australian and NZ pulp and paper industries now available

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The September 2021 edition (Number 195) of Pulp & Paper Edge, IndustryEdge’s monthly analysis of the Australian and New Zealand pulp, paper and paper products industry was published yesterday.

For all that markets are tough right now, the early sparks of a paper recovery appear to be headed to Australia and New Zealand. As an example, quarterly and annual average prices for most grades of paper and board are still low – but in July, the price of most grades lifted and so did import volumes. The MarketEdge file that summarises those volumes and prices is always heavily downloaded as soon as we release the monthly edition. That was no different for September and we had a flurry of contacts today as subscribers checked data and confirmed their own positions. Off the back of that, we think August and September will be relatively solid months also, with prices continuing to move up. Good news for a battered sector.

The screenshot here gives a glimpse of some of the positive price numbers for the July trade compared with the prior quarter. It may not be across the board, but its better than it was, and IndustryEdge’s three month moving average price for printing papers has turned the corner too!

Subscribers can login to Pulp & Paper Edge here and access all of the content, the historical archive and comprehensive downloadable data files. For those keen to examine the content before subscribing, the items in dark blue are ‘open’ for you to examine.

Here are the headlines from Edition 195 of Pulp & Paper Edge:

  • INDEX: Regional printing paper prices increase
  • Printing paper import volumes still down, year-on-year
  • Value of paper and board imports leaps 8.6% in July
  • Australian copy paper exports lift 56%
  • Copy paper accounts for more than 2/3 of NZ uncoated market
  • Copy paper imports down but prices stable
  • Australian pulp imports declined in July
  • INDEX: Quarterly price indexes were variable in July
  • Printing presses and printing equipment imports plunged 20% in 2020-21
  • Disconnected! How paper and board prices struggle to stay in touch with manufacturing costs
  • GLOBAL: Demand for printing papers falls as price growth expectations mount
  • The curious obsession with liquid packaging boards
  • TISSUE: Sector cleans up its deficit
  • MARKET EDGE – Downloadable monthly summary of paper and board trade prices for Australia and NZ

For a demonstration of Pulp & Paper Edge or sample data series on literally thousands of fibre, paper and paperboard grades and products, contact us here.

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