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Global recovered paper markets are in turmoil. Countries like Australia and New Zealand are caught up in the toughest market conditions ever experienced for recovered paper. A new and free Market Review from the team at IndustryEdge provides a snapshot to help you understand the current situation.

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The turmoil has come about because China and other developing nations have increased their quality expectations for the recovered paper they import and have done so in a very rapid manner. 

The result has been lower exports and rapidly changing markets, along with growing stockpiles and uncertainty about the future of recycling around the world, and in Australia.

Old cardboard boxes, newspapers and other paper and paperboard products are still being collected because Australians are great at recycling and there are whole supply chains built to ensure material is collected and recycled.

Everyone knows what goes in a yellow bin!

Local producers use more than half of all of the paper and paperboard recovered in Australia. But they are operating at or near capacity, so exports are critical to the economics of collecting recovered paper. The recycling supply chain is sustained by the export income, as much as by the income from local users of recovered paper and paperboard.

What will happen next in this fast evolving situation?

It is hard to know exactly what will happen next, but we do know that reliable information helps.

To help you keep up to date with this challenging situation and its continued evolution, IndustryEdge has prepared the Australian Recovered Paper Review, which is a short Slide-Deck and a companion Data set.

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