Pulp Market: Prices rise again as supply-side issues dominate nearly all commodity markets

Around the world, commodity prices are high because supply is uncertain and stressed supply chains are denuded of inventory. As consumers of pulp rush to ensure they meet their minimum needs – let alone replenish their inventories – pulp prices continued their upwards rise in May. For all the pressure,… Read More

Strange coated mechanical pricing switches to medium weights

Global paper markets are in turbulent times, especially when it comes to pricing. Nowhere is that more evident than for Coated Mechanical grades, with the latest import shocks being delivered by Medium Weight Coated (MWC) grades, the average prices of which rocketed to record levels in April, for some grades. Read More

Australian ‘Kraft’ paper and board prices continue to climb

Having hit an all-time high in January (AUDFob1,116/t), Australian Kraftliner export prices have barely receded since and remain at historic highs, while export volumes have hardly missed a beat. The situation is similar for Sack Kraft, exports of which are smaller but higher priced. Sack Kraft prices are yet to… Read More

Coated woodfree grades lift 47% – renaissance or dead cat bounce?

An incredible resurgence in demand and consumption has seen coated woodfree (CWF) grades of paper experience a 47% lift, with imports totalling 119.6 kt* year-ended March 2022. Around the end of 2020, in client consultations, the consensus was CWF paper consumption would never see six figures again, having plunged to… Read More

Packaging paper import prices up almost 15% year-on-year

Australia’s Packaging Paper Trade Price Index was up 14.9% year-ended March 2022. The indexes are used by IndustryEdge clients in a variety of ways, including to inform pricing movements in contracts. Subscriber versions of the data included monthly updated index tables. Examining the difference in prices for the quarter ended… Read More

Regional Paper & Paperboard Import Value Analysis – Aus up 9.1%, NZ up 28.9% in March

Australia’s imports of paper, paperboard and paper products were valued at AUDFob273.9 million in March 2022, up 9.1% compared with the prior month. The value of monthly imports in March was 13.0% higher than in March 2021. The value of New Zealand’s imports was NZDFob78.8 million in March 2022, up… Read More

Regional Printing Paper Import Volume Analysis – Aus trade up 17.5%, NZ up 27.9%

Over the year-ended March 2022, Australia’s imports of printing and communication papers increased 17.5% to total 355.5 kt. This one-year increase means Australia’s imports grew by 52.8 kt. Examined on a monthly basis, in March 2022 imports increased 59.2% on the month prior, to total 41.3 kt. March 2022 recorded… Read More

Packaging paper price index up 14.9% year-on-year in March

The table below shows the most recent movements in the IndustryEdge Australian Packaging Paper Trade Price Indexes, based in Australian dollars.   3 MMA Indexes Feb-22 Mar-22 Comparison with Prior Month Quarter Year Containerboard 115.941 114.432 -1.3% -4.1% 6.9% Kraftliner 102.595 103.058 0.5% 0.8% 0.4% Corrugating Medium 130.036 131.518 1.1%… Read More

Australian Printing Paper Grades Price Indexes: Variable in March

Latest detailed paper trade price indexes showed variable movement in March, with three month moving average prices across the grades performing differently. The price indexes grew for some grades, while others fell sharply. Because of the delay between orders, shipments and deliveries, the Australian indexes appear to be around three… Read More

Regional Printing Paper Price Index: Prices up 0.5% in March

The Australian and New Zealand three-month moving average trade price of printing and communication papers* increased by 0.5% in March 2022, compared with the prior month. Measured in US dollars, the quarterly average price was USDFob858/t, an increase of USD2.6/t on the prior month. The 0.5% increase is a clear… Read More

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