End of the party: recovered paper shipments to China lift ahead of ban

After falling almost continuously since late 2018, Australia’s exports of recovered paper to mainland China have surged in recent months. After totalling just 7.9 kt in May, shipments lifted to a nineteen-month high of 44.5 kt in September, ahead of the outright import ban that commences January 2021. The first… Read More

TISSUE: Panic buying not just a local phenomenon

Panic buying, hoarding or establishing a ‘personal inventory’, however you want to describe it, the buying of tissue – especially toilet paper – has been a strange feature of the 2020 pandemic. In most countries – Australia and New Zealand are good examples – the only reason there were shortages… Read More

No place to hide: global publication paper agony is widespread

Latest global data confirms there is no ‘safe haven’ for the global printing and communication paper sector. All regions are facing similar, massive challenges. The sector is responding with closures, conversions, and with weary experience. Data from the midst of the pandemic – in the second quarter of 2020 –… Read More

Panic buying hits toilet paper sector: settled by September

This week’s ‘rush to retail’ by consumers in South Australia was a reminder of the time earlier this year when much of the nation was engaged in the panic buying game. Nowhere was this more obvious or remarked upon than in supplies of toilet paper. Despite the supply chain holding… Read More

Chemical use in the Australian pulp and paper industry: survey

We know the pulp and paper industries are significant chemical users, but what chemicals are most important? IndustryEdge has access to a huge amount of data, especially for Australia. If you can help us understand the most important chemicals, we can supply extra data – every month – for you… Read More

NZ pulp exports recover after pandemic slump

Exports of pulp from New Zealand crashed in April, recovered some ground in May and returned to normal in June, as a direct result of the pandemic. Pulp exports had been trending up, and were at two year highs in February 2020 (95 kt), before collapsing to 31 kt in… Read More

Uncoated Mechanical Paper: Huge spike in Directory imports has tongues wagging

Typically the lowest value of all the printing and communication paper grades, imports of uncoated mechanical paper grades – including newsprint – have been widely varied in recent months. As an example, at 14.3 kt in August 2020, imports were 48% higher than the prior month. But the main interest… Read More

Annual Strategic Review: Now Available

The 2020 Pulp & Paper Industry Strategic Review has been released and is now available for subscription by existing and previous subscribers. The 29th annual edition of Australia’s and New Zealand’s only analysis of consumption and supply of paper and paperboard provides details of the entire decade, for all major… Read More

Pulp market turns a tentative corner

Global pulp markets appear to be reacting to supply signals, and to continuing pressures on some major economies ahead of others, with the earliest signs of a cyclical upturn in prices evident in the most recent trade activity. In last month’s briefing, we reported that the data pointed to the… Read More

Port Botany Chaos Adds to Trade Pains

Chaos at Port Botany, assertion of market power by global shipping companies, an industrial dispute, and ‘disastrous’ container handling conditions in Sydney have been brought to a head with a new series of port congestion surcharges at Australia’s second busiest port. The USD285/TEU (AUD388 or NZD390) charge being levied on… Read More

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