BREAKING: Monthly softwood imports second highest ever: annualised consumption hits all-time high

BREAKING: Australia’s consumption of sawn timber for housing and other uses lifted to an all time high year-ended March 2022. Data released just hours ago and loaded to IndustryEdge’s Wood Market Edge online platform shows supply of timber continues to work to meet Australia’s huge demand for new houses. Consumption of… Read More

End of the ‘magic pudding’ era of timber supply: what peak capacity means for you!

The last two years have startled the housing market and timber supply chain into understanding there is no magic pudding of endless global timber supply, just waiting for demand to gobble it up. In fact, the recent experience is that like waiting politely for the pudding to come around at… Read More

Australian Dwelling approvals bubble bursts?

It appears the bubble may have finally burst for Australia’s new housing approvals. Monthly approvals plummeted in January 2022, dropping to just 9,954 new approvals for the month, the lowest level in more than 20 years. January approvals are typically lower on average, but January 2022 recorded a significant drop. Read More

How much LVL, Glulam and CLT is used in Australia? Closing in on answers

Australia is close to understanding the quantity of engineered wood products it uses each year. New trade data shows – for the first time – the volume as well as the value of LVL, Glulam, CLT and I-Beams imported to and exported from Australia and New Zealand and in fact,… Read More

Australian Dwelling approvals up 22.6% p.a., big builder goes bust

Australia’s monthly housing approvals appear to be gradually cooling off, but still remain higher than during 2019 and 2020. Free-standing homes make up the majority of approvals, as big building projects suffer the effects of increased costs, supply shortages and indefinite delays. On Thursday, eighteen building businesses including major construction… Read More

Australian Dwelling approvals up 25.3% p.a.

Australia’s housing approvals appear to be stabilising, but remain high when compared to 2019 and 2020. However the stimulus-fuelled approval boom, combined with global shortages has come at a cost – not just the increased cost of building materials, but indefinite delays, incomplete projects and major building companies going in… Read More

Australian sawnwood demand to peak in March 2022

Sawn structural softwood demand will peak in March 2022 according to IndustryEdge’s Australian Sawn Softwood Demand Forecast. The forecast is an important tool for understanding demand and supply balances, for organising business-level supplies and scheduling workloads. There is a clear difference between demand on the one hand and consumption on… Read More

Australian Dwelling approvals up 27.5% p.a.

Australia’s monthly housing approvals dropped again in October 2021. Approvals of free-standing Houses flattened, while other key formats fell. Monthly approvals remain high when compared with 2019 and 2020 data, but appear to be heading gradually down. Approvals for all new dwellings increased 27.5% across the twelve months ended October… Read More

New Business Analysis Tools for Regional Wood Products Industry

The latest upgrades to Wood Market Edge online put even more analytical tools in the hands of Australia and New Zealand’s forestry and wood products industry. Client feedback since Wood Market Edge online was launched in April 2020 focussed on three main areas: Global log trade and the relationship between… Read More

Australian Dwelling approvals up 30.8% p.a.

Australia’s monthly housing approvals dropped back in September 2021, with declines in free-standing House approvals suggesting a possible flattening of the curve.  Monthly approvals remain stubbornly elevated compared to 2020, but appear to be gradually heading down. Approvals for all new dwellings increased 30.8% across the twelve months ended September… Read More

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