Capability Statement

Professional Data, Information and Industry Intelligence Services

Data Services – Market Intelligence – Analysis – Publications – Consulting

IndustryEdge is Australia’s leading data, information, analysis and industry intelligence company for forestry, wood, paper products, paper and pulp manufacturing for Australia, New Zealand and the key South East Asian countries.

With unequalled expertise, IndustryEdge undertakes detailed consulting projects in a sector that starts with land and land use, includes plantations, forestry and forest products, carbon and climate issues and extends to product stewardship, recovery and recycling across a range of products and grades.

Through monthly data and analysis services and publications, IndustryEdge provides market insights and intelligence and detailed analysis of the important issues on a continuing basis.

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FOCUS – Where expertise begins

The IndustryEdge team provides detailed analysis and strategic insights and intelligence on a range of land use, forestry, pulp and paper and related sustainability issues, including:

  • Consumption, demand and forecasts
  • Production, import and export volumes and prices for paper, paper products, pulp, recovered fibre, logs, woodchips, sawnwood and wood panels
  • Housing and building market trends
  • Fibre supply issues, trends and pricing
  • Demand and supply forecasting for pulp, paper, paperboard, fibre packaging and paper products
  • Demand and supply forecasting for logs, woodchips and wood products
  • Carbon and emissions policy, programs and pricing
  • Product and market innovations, manufacturing inputs and strategies. 

DATA – Evidence that counts

At IndustryEdge, we know that the numbers have to add up. IndustryEdge provides accurate, current and cost effective market and trade data. As ever, we retain our focus with available data incorporating the following:

  • Pulp and paper imports and exports
  • Forestry and wood products production, trade, imports and exports
  • Monthly data for Australia and New Zealand is immediately available.

Our forestry and wood products data and market intelligence system, Wood Market Edge online (WME) is available 24/7/365 from the IndustryEdge website.

PUBLICATIONS – Keeping you informed

Via a suite of periodical, annual and special reports, IndustryEdge provides a comprehensive means of keeping you up to date with the data you need to make decisions and on the issues that affect your business. Our current subscriber publications are:

Pulp and Paper

Forestry and Wood Products

All subscriptions are backed up with subscriber archive access and immediate email and telephone access to the IndustryEdge team. Our publications are aimed at information that makes a difference.

IndustryEdge publishes regular specialist reports and our insightful blog ‘Market News‘, some of which are available at no cost by going to ‘Free Stuff‘ on this website.

CONSULTING – Adding value through detailed analysis

Each year, IndustryEdge delivers dozens of detailed analyses of markets, sectors, sub-sectors, grades and products to clients on a confidential or a multi-client basis. An increasing emphasis of this work is undertaking trade and market analysis within the Asia-Pacific region.

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