BREAKING: Sawn softwood import prices crash!

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Imports of sawn softwood continued within the expected range in April 2020, with shipments totalling 37,203 m3 for the month. That was 16% higher than the prior month, but 500 m3 below the average of the last year.

However, the average import price plunged 15.2% compared with the previous month, falling to just AUDFob439/m3, the lowest average price recorded in more than three years.

The chart below was extracted from the Wood Market Edge online dashboard, housed on Forest2Market’s SilvaStat360.

The average sawn softwood import price for the last year was AUDFob535/m3, some 15% higher than the average price in April 2020.

The detailed import data only became available four days (two working days) prior to this analysis being prepared. The data was uploaded to Wood Market Edge within twelve hours.

Wood Market Edge subscribers are the first to receive access to the latest trade data and sawn wood consumption information to apply to their particular business situation.

In addition, subscribers can drill into the details, find specific country-to-country (and for some products, port-to-port) transactions and can search for, visualise and download a very wide range of forestry and wood products industry data.

Data for Australia and New Zealand is fundamental to Wood Market Edge, as are some key data points fro China, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The new platform was launched in April and includes specific dashboards to support the sawn wood and wood processing sector and the woodchip export sector.

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