BREAKING: Log Exports Lift – Prices Stable

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Australia’s softwood log exports almost tripled in March, lifting to a four month high of 183 km3, with prices stable, but below their peaks of just a few months earlier. With Australia’s logs unable to access the mainland Chinese market, shipments are increasing to India and Korea in particular. IndustryEdge notes that the average export price is holding up, despite the growing diversity of shipments of Australia’s softwood logs.

As the chart created in IndustryEdge’s Wood Market Edge online platform shows, Australia’s softwood log exports remain well below their peaks, with the effects being felt throughout the national supply chain.

Subscribers are aware, and can interrogate the data in close detail, that log exports include both larger and smaller dimension logs, providing clues about what each recipient country may be doing with the supply they receive. The ability to analyse the data at a port-to-port level also aids competitor analysis, both for exports and imports.

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Australian Softwood Log Exports: Jan  ’19 – Mar ’21 (km3 & USDFob/m3)

* Selected countries

We thought there may be interest in seeing the combined impact of Australian and New Zealand softwood log exports, given the supply from New Zealand can still access the mainland China market.

The second chart shows the combined trade is still below its absolute top, but is tracking toward that level, as the New Zealand producers fill the gap left in the Chinese market and to some extent, the Australian supply switches out to Korea.

Most notable is the sustained rally in the USD price, underscoring the fundamental of the value of fibre.

Again, this data is available on the platform and can be interrogated at the combined, country, region and port level, including data download options.

Australian & New Zealand Softwood Log Exports: Jan ’19 – Mar ’21 (km3 & USDFob/m3)

* Selected countries

Further details, downloadable files and analysis and commentary are being added to Wood Market Edge online progressively over the month.

Latest data was loaded to IndustryEdge’s Wood Market Edge online platform just a few hours after formal release, collation and checking. In fast-moving and ever-changing markets, Wood Market Edge online provides the most timely data feed, available 24/7/365 delivered and supported by the team at IndustryEdge who use the same platform for their analytical and consulting work.

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