Australian woodchip export deliveries: 372,506 bdmt (e) in November 2019

November saw total deliveries of Australian woodchips fall to an estimated 372,506 bdmt, with all deliveries headed into China and Japan. Deliveries to China accounted for 71.7% of the total in November, with Japan receiving the remaining 28.3%.

Our provisional view is that deliveries in December will return to trend, totalling 511,821 bdmt, with shipments to Japan reaching  a calculated 237,438 bdmt and to China 201,954 bdmt. We project, based on vessel movements, there will be small shipments to Taiwan and a single load delivered to Indonesia.

The detailed data is displayed in the chart and includes calculated estimates for China.

IndustryEdge aggregate estimates are rarely more than 3% outside actuals. November actuals will be formally reported in mid-January.

Woodchip Deliveries by Country of Destination: Aug ’13 – Nov ‘19 (e) (kbdmt)

Source: GTIS & IndustryEdge research           Note: China has been estimated since April 2018

IndustryEdge’s detailed vessel tracking and woodchip trade analysis processes provide the leading projections and estimates of near term woodchip shipments. Subscribers to the monthly Wood Market Edge and the detailed monthly trade analysis data series have access to a wide range of tools and granular data to inform their own analysis, supported by the IndustryEdge team on an ongoing basis.

The data below shows woodchip deliveries by country, but as standard in the monthly datasets, details are provided to the region or province level. For private clients, the emphasis shifts to delivering even more granular data: port-to-port and even company-to-company in some cases.

Woodchip Deliveries by Country of Destination: Oct ’19 – Dec ‘19 (e) (kbdmt)

Country Oct ’19 Nov ’19 (e) Dec ’19 (p)
China 268,006 267,097 201,954


255,855 105,049 237,438
Taiwan 23,746  48,876
Indonesia 23,553
Total 464,687 372,506 511,821

Source: GTIS, ABS & IndustryEdge estimates

This is an edited extract of an item that first appeared in Edition 74 of Wood Market Edge (December 2019).

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