Pulp & Paper Edge – February 2021: NOW AVAILABLE

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The February 2021 edition (Number 188) of Pulp & Paper Edge, IndustryEdge’s monthly analysis of the Australian and New Zealand pulp, paper and paper products industry was published today.

IndustryEdge notes that in 2020, the decline in imports of printing and communication papers was dramatic, falling 35% compared with the prior year. As IndustryEdge’s Australasian Paper Price Index demonstrates, by year’s end, paper prices were definitively on the rise.

Higher pulp prices and general disruption to fibre supplies continue to impact all markets, with interest emerging in bamboo pulp in the Australian pulp market, as much as with different applications for recovered paper. On that front, Indonesia’s role as main recipient of Australian recovered paper exports was confirmed in 2020, taking over from China.

In New Zealand, Australia’s shipments of packaging grades like corrugating medium have grown quickly over the last year, while virgin grades like Kraftliner and sack kraft have been more stable.

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Here are the headlines from Edition 188 of Pulp & Paper Edge:

  • 2020 Examined: Paper trade deficit lifts 3.5% as import volumes crash
  • Australia’s pulp imports up 7.5% in 2020
  • Regional printing paper prices up 7.0% in December
  • Fibre packaging continues leadership role: >55% recycled
  • Tissue companies set for upset
  • Bamboo pulp imports lift as manufacturers make the switch
  • Big rise in NZ corrugating medium imports
  • Kiwi sack kraft imports rise slowly
  • Little bags and sacks dominate NZ’s rising imports
  • Imports down 35%, Y-o-Y in December
  • Value of imports falls 11.4%
  • Copy paper imports lift
  • MARKET EDGE – Monthly summary of paper and board trade prices for Australia and New Zealand
  • ECONOMICS BRIEFING – Recovery underway, headwinds remains
  • PULP MARKET – Prices exploded in January rally
  • RECOVERED PAPER MARKET – Indonesian market replaces China for Australian RCP
  • WOODCHIP MARKET – Exports surge to 18 month highs
  • SHIPPING & FREIGHT – Freight rates at record levels

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