Case study

Case study

The following is an actual case study of a recent consulting assignment completed by the IndustryEdge team. It has been developed to provide information and has been carefully checked to maintain client confidentiality.

Posed with the question of whether a major pulp and paper manufacturing facility was viable into the future, a supplier to the facility engaged IndustryEdge to:

  •    Analyse and report, including demand, supply and pricing forecasts, on the relevant global, Asian and regional markets
  •    Advise on the relative competitiveness of the facility
  •    Analyse and report on key financial metrics for the facility

IndustryEdge was required to complete the entire analysis in four weeks, including field visits, primary research, detailed analysis and comprehensive reporting.

To acquit the assignment, our team engaged an external specialist and worked directly with the facility management and the supplier (our client) and their financial analysis team.

Our extenive and confidential report was accepted within both time and budget limits, allowing our client to proceed to the next stage of their discussions with the facility