Australian Woodchip Exports Leap in June

Based on analysis of shipping movements from Australian ports, IndustryEdge provides the following estimate of woodchip exports for June 2014.

Estimated Exports: 557,500 tonnes

Increase on May: 34.2%

If the estimate is confirmed by formal trade data (which will not be released until the first week in August), this will be the highest ever monthly exports of wood chips from Australia.

This data was first published in the subscriber only Wood Market Edge in late June, even before the final vessels had departed and at least six weeks before formal trade data is published. See below to find out how IndustryEdge does this.

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Packaging Paper Demand Forecasts to 2018

Participants at the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Paper Market Outlook Forum will receive exclusive access to IndustryEdge's authoritative demand forecasts for packaging and industrial papers, through to the end of 2017-18.

In 2012-13, Australia's total demand for packaging and industrial papers was 1,420.9 kt, up 1.9% on the previous year. The demand forecast for 2013-14 was published in October 2013. It calculated total demand for the current year would rise a very modest 0.8% to 1,432.0 kt.

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Estimating & Projecting Woodchip Exports - A First?

There are several ways to establish likely near term future trade activity in any commodity. Wood chips are no different.

IndustryEdge has just published, in the subscriber-only Wood Market Edge*, what we think may be the first estimate and projection for wood chip exports based on tracking of shipping movements. Both are based on less than one year's prior data and are focussed on aggregate exports of wood chips from Australia.

The estimate is for the month of April 2014. The formal trade data for that month will only be available on 7th June. Even allowing for delays as we checked the analysis, our estimate of 430.0 kt is available two weeks prior to the formal data.

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Paper, Packaging and Print Imports to Australia from Korea Duty Free by End 2014

The recently completed Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) still has to pass a range of technical 'hurdles'. Scrutiny through a largely rubber-stamp process involving the Australian parliament is the most significant.

However, unless something radical occurs, KAFTA will be law and come into full effect some time toward the end of 2014. IndustryEdge outlined that, in some detail, in Pulp & Paper Edge (Edition 108) last week.

There is huge interest in the impact of KAFTA, especially with respect to import duties on industrial goods.

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Packaging Supplier to Asia? Australia and New Zealand Get Set

Latest developments in the packaging sector of the ANZ paper and paperboard industries prove the region is setting itself as a key fibre packaging supplier to Asia. This is a key driver for the significant international guest attendance (UK, Finland, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, as well as Australia and New Zealand) at the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Papers Market Outlook Forum being held in Melbourne on 19th and 20th June 2014.

The recent announcement that Carter Holt Harvey’s Pulp, Paper and Packaging ( CHH PPP) business will be sold to a joint venture headlined by Japan’s Oji Holdings is the latest in a  long list of strategic moves that places ANZ much closer to the heart of Asian packaging supplies.

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Australia Approaching ‘Peak Recovery’ for Paper – Pulp & Paper Edge

Australia is fast approaching ‘peak recovery’ for paper and paperboard, according to comments from industry leader Graeme Holland, the Managing Director of Paper to Paper.

In an exclusive interview with Pulp & Paper Edge released 15th April 2014, Holland confirmed IndustryEdge analysis that the proportion of paper and paperboard consumption that can be recovered and recycled has peaked.

An extract of the interview is available here. Also included in the extract are the latest export figures for recovered paper from Australia.

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Australian Hardwood Chip Exports Rose 1.4% in Feb’14

Exports of hardwood chips from Australia rose 1.4% month on month in February 2014. Exports totalled 328.9 kbdmt at an average price of AUDFob167.16/bdmt*.

For the same period, softwood chip exports fell 8.3%, totalling 59.6 kbdmt at an average price of AUDFob146.21/bdmt.

Analysis of deliveries using IndustryEdge’s detailed tracking of wood chip shipping movements allows estimation of exports for the month that has yet to be recorded. Using our Shipment to Vessel Weight Ratio tool, we estimate total exports of wood chips in March 2014 was around 351 kbdmt, with a likely fall of around 8% in the quantity of hardwood chips exported compared with the previous month.

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Aussie Packaging Markets Forum Gets Global Focus

International speakers from Europe and Asia are already confirmed for the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Paper Market Outlook Forum in Melbourne. Joined by local manufacturers, suppliers and end-users, the Forum, which includes a ‘Mini Forum’ on the critical issue of Food Contact Safety, will be the major fibre packaging market event for 2014.

Click here to see the latest program details.

Click here to register and access BIG early-bird discounts that end on 30th April.

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Australia’s Quarterly Softwood Log Export Record in DQ’13

Australia’s exports of softwood logs achieved a new quarterly record in DQ’13, reaching 593.8 km3. The export volume, achieved at an average price of AUDFob112/m3 was 13.4% higher than the previous record achieved in DQ’11.

The DQ’13 record pushed the annual volume to its second highest ever level for a calendar year, totaling 1,641 km3 in 2013. All of the recorded volume was for saw and veneer logs.

Exports of softwood logs are displayed below by state.

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Hardwood Log Trade Goes ‘Dark’

IndustryEdge regularly comments on instances where there is an absence of transparency in Australia’s import and export trade.

Normally we comment by providing data and analysis that those seeking to obstruct transparency would prefer not to have disclosed. That is why IndustryEdge developed a revised and enhanced woodchip export data series after transparency was obstructed by the application of ‘confidentiality restrictions’ available through the Australian Bureau of Statistics. That we were, with the support of clients, able to construct a series with more data points and increased our subscriber base for the service should demonstrate that trade will find a way to make itself transparent. 

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