Pulp & Paper Strategic Review 2018

2018 Annual Strategic Review


The last year has seen major print consolidations, significant changes in the profile of importers, an appreciating US dollar, rapidly growing demand for packaging papers and fibre resources, constraints on exports of recovered paper and dramatic increases in fibre supply costs across the world.

Coupled with recovering global economies, continuous digital disruption and unprecedented pressure on resources, these factors mean markets for pulp, paper and paper products continue to be complex and challenging.

For these reasons and more, detailed data, crisp analysis and expert insights are increasingly important to effective decision- making.

To assist analysts, business leaders, industry experts, associations, governments and logistics and services providers to understand the issues and opportunities, IndustryEdge’s 27th consecutive annual edition of the Pulp & Paper Strategic Review is now in development.

For Australia and New Zealand, the Strategic Review is the reference manual for the immediately past financial year and for the last decade. However, its greatest value is in assisting businesses to chart their course for the coming years.

Delivered in full colour, hundreds of tables and charts are supplemented by analysis and commentary that gets behind the details and exposes the strategies and opportunities that shape the modern pulp, fibre supplies and paper and board industries in Australia.

Subscribers can expect a continuation of the meticulous, data focused insights and analysis on all sectors and for all major grades of pulp, fibre, paper and paperboard.

What’s new in 2018?

Our aim in 2018 is to deliver the initial orders to subscribers in the first week of October. Digital copies will be made available, as soon as they are ready, including through our website.

In 2018, improvements to the Strategic Review will include:

  • Overviews and Snapshots of ‘end-use’ sectors including commercial printing and packaging conversion

  • Analysis of delivered costs for imports and a related overview of shipping and freight dynamics

  • Increased use of infographics to help explain key concepts and complex data

  • Calendar of major events that shaped the trading year

    For the first time, IndustryEdge will offer the Pulp & Paper Strategic Review in digital format as standard, with the option of adding printed copies to your subscription. For subscription details, see the table below.

Earlybird offer
If you subscribe to the 2018 Pulp & Paper Strategic Review before the end of August 2018 (by Friday 31st August in fact), the price of the electronic version (pdf) will be the same as 2017 - $1,600 plus GST when using EARLYBIRD18 coupon code.
Prices are increasing from 1st September
For the first time in six years, we are obliged to increase our product pricing, mainly due to increased operating costs. Subscriptions received from the 1st September 2018 will be at the new price of $2000 plus GST.   $1800 plus GST when using EXISTING18 coupon code for existing IE subscribers of any product
Additionally, printed copies will be optional.  We encourage you to have your own copies printed, if you need them printed. But, if its easier for us to do it for you, we will be pleased to help. The price of each printed copy, including postage and handling, is $200 plus GST.
How do I subscribe?
Although you are always welcome to subscribe via our website or by filling in the order form, we want to make it easy for our existing subscribers. So, if thats you, feel free to send an email to info@industryedge.com.austating that you want to subscribe and if you need printed copies, how many you require and we will invoice you!.

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